False Claims Act

    When companies and individuals defraud the government, everyone loses. Mueller Law works with conscionable citizens throughout the country to hold those companies accountable.



    Navigating a whistleblower lawsuit is a complex and arduous task. Those individuals shedding light on companies and business practices that defraud the government—known as “relators”—must confront a number of unique challenges.

    Relators often face large, powerful companies with vast resources and seemingly supreme influence. But having the right experienced counsel at your side throughout the legal process can shift the balance of power, help you litigate the truth and exact the justice you seek.

    In addition to the Federal False Claims Act, 29 states, the District of Columbia and certain cities have enacted their own versions of the act. Many statutes contain qui tam provisions that empower individuals with knowledge of fraudulent behavior to sue on the government’s behalf and, if successful, receive a portion of recovered funds.

    Industries most susceptible to fraud:

    • Health care

    • Defense contracting

    • Financial services

    • Public funds

    Types of Fraud

    • Billing for services not rendered

    • Double billing for services rendered

    • Charging for inferior products

    • Kickbacks

    Our team understands the False Claims Act.
    Listen below to managing partner William Hurlock's oral argument from a False Claims case.



      We handle a wide variety of cases regarding health care, defense contractor, financial and banking, tax and higher education claims. If you think you may have information concerning a potential Federal or State False Claims Act, call Mueller’s experienced team of national trial attorneys for a free consultation at (973) 233-8290.



      An Anatomy of a False Claims Act
      Attorneys are increasingly availing themselves of the Federal False Claims Act as a resource to prosecute allegations of fraud, particularly in the healthcare field.

      Cut Healthcare Abuse by Stepping Up
      The effort to curtail wasteful practices can’t stop with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

      Detecting Waste and Abuse in Healthcare Spending
      Wasteful practices include schemes such as double billing and overcharging for drugs and services, providing unnecessary expensive care or prescriptions, incorrectly coding or documenting care or prescriptions or even charging for health care never provided.

      If You See Something: Report Something
      Attorneys are increasingly availing themselves of certain statutes such as the Federal, State and City False Claims Acts, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the IRS Whistleblower Act to prosecute allegations of fraud. However, such actions can never be filed unless and until a witnedd to the fraud comes forward and is prepared to "blow the whistle" on unlawful activity.


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